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New Year's Party Special

                          All night -

Music, Dancing,

Contests with Prizes,

Jokes and fun

Our New Year’s Menu consists of exquisite melting in your mouth appetizers, salads, entrees and traditional Russian well known, homemade favorite dishes.


Tender Loin Salad (This bright and bold-tasting salad. Spinach mixed with curly carrots cherry tomatoes, dried apricots, raisins and cranberries and thinly sliced cut into strips marinated tenderloin. Combined with homemade chef’s special sauce)

Aubergine Salad (Baked Eggplant, Topped with Fresh Veggies and Greens. Served on Crispy Flat Bread, Tahini Coated)

Frisée-Lardon Salad(The classic frisée lardon, the perfect combination of warm and cool, fatty and crunchy. A frisée salad tossed with crunchy bacon and warm dressing, crumbled goat cheese and topped with a poached egg)

Asian Pear and Goose Salad(with berries in sweet raspberry vinaigrette)

Duck Liver Parfait

Smoked Salmon Rolls (with Crab Claw Surrounded)

Dedicated Smoked Meat and Cheese Board

Veal Roulade

Lamb Tongue Salad with Grilled Vegetables

“Seledka pod Shuboy” (Famous Russian Coated Herring)

“Olivie” Salad (Russian Style)

Tuna Plate (Sesame –Mango, Tataki and tuna Tar-Tar)

Pickled Vegetables

Home Made Marinated Mushrooms


Yukon Gold Potato with Wild Mushrooms

FOIE GRAS (Famous French decadent luxury food (creamy, fatty liver). Seared medallions of Foie Gras are over rings of caramelized pineapple and vol-au-van. A lingonberry and strawberry sauce with a balance of sweetness and acidity is the perfect complement to the fatty texture of Foie Gras)

LOBSTER TAILS (Seafood Staffed in Rich and Juicy

Mango sauce)

Beef Short Ribs (Braised in Port Wine with side of couscous)

Chicken Lollipops (Succulent Chicken Medallions, Battered in Orange-chipotli BBQ Sauce)

Grilled Fish "Caspiy"(with Tokyo Glaze and Ginger infusion with Vegetables)


(with Veal Truffle Demi-Glace Brussels Sprouts)


Assorted Fruit platter

Mini Cakes

Sodas, Tea and Coffee(Unlimited)

                         $160 (Per Person)

Group Discounts are available

       For further details please call       718-616-1399